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Natural Health

What Is The Vagus Nerve?

Understanding The Vagus Nerve:  The vagus nerve is a central nerve that controls the parasympathetic nervous system, is connected to the brain-gut axis, and is critical to bodily function. It’s

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Health Technology

Who’s Behind The Calm App

Who’s Behind The Calm App?  Do Nothing for Thirty Seconds.  “It is a very modern success story, and a somewhat paradoxical one: Calm is a young San Francisco company selling

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What Is Curiousity?

Curiosity and Neuroplasticy:  Amidst a mental health crisis where words like triggered, narcissist, and anxiety are part of everyday language, neurosciensts are getting more results that point to the mind’s

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Health Products

The Headspace App

When was the first time you heard Andy Puddicombe’s voice? With his delightfully British last name, Andy Puddicombe’s lulling voice leads tens of thousands through meditative practices every day on

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