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On Health Consumerism

Behind the best intentions of health practicioners
there's the dark side of the industry

The “health worlds” (as I started to think of all the different health perspectives & lifestyles) are a multi-faceted multi-billion retail structure. A narrow-sighted medical system, very expensive health care, lifestyles that don’t support physical health, personal beliefs, and constant marketing around health topics create an environment that no matter how much time, energy, and money Americans spend on health, perfect health can seem unattainable.

Marketing around health often leverages fear, shame, authority, and social pressure. It’s so routine it’s not always noticeable. For example, when we look at doctor endorsements of cigarettes in the 1950s we laugh; but we don’t know what advertising today will stand out 70 years from now.

With so many competing interests from the various health and wellness worlds, the consumer is standing on a landslide of conflicting & changing information. It’s created a constantly swinging pendulum that points from one health mantra to the next. 

On Pendulum

Curiosity Meets Clarity

Welcome to the heart of Pendulum Newsletter, where curiosity meets clarity in the pursuit of health and wellness understanding. At Pendulum, we are driven by a simple yet profound mission: to navigate the vast ocean of health information and bring its treasures directly to you, the inquisitive reader. We are your scouts in the relentless quest for knowledge, dedicating countless hours to investigating and researching health topics. Our goal is to distill complex information into easily digestible insights that you can access swiftly, without having to wade through the overwhelming expanse of data yourself.

Behind Pendulum is a passionate individual who, like you, seeks understanding in a field where absolutes are rare and nuances abound. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim expertise in any specific domain. My role is more akin to that of a diligent curator, a fellow traveler on this journey of discovery. The ethos of Pendulum is grounded in humility and the recognition that health and wellness are realms filled with more questions than answers. Here, we do not pretend to give advice; rather, we aim to present you with information based on the most educated guesses science and experience offer us at this moment.


It's in the name

The very name “Pendulum” reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of health knowledge. It symbolizes the oscillation between differing viewpoints, the balance between opposing theories, and the continuous search for equilibrium in our understanding. This is the pendulum I find myself chasing: not a definitive answer, but a deeper appreciation of the spectrum of possibilities. In a world where health choices often stem from personal beliefs rather than incontrovertible facts, Pendulum strives to provide you with the insights and perspectives that empower you to make informed decisions based on what we know today.

At Pendulum Newsletter, we acknowledge that the landscape of health and wellness is a patchwork of emerging research, age-old wisdom, and ever-shifting paradigms. Our commitment to you is to navigate this landscape with openness, integrity, and an unyielding curiosity. We believe that by sharing what we learn, we can all move closer to making choices that resonate with our individual beliefs and lifestyles.

Pendulum is more
than just a newsletter

It is a community of seekers, a collective endeavor to embrace the uncertainty of our quest for well-being. Join us on this journey, as we explore the vast and varied terrains of health and wellness, always with the aim of bringing you closer to the balanced life you seek.


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